Introducing the revolutionary "Throat Reading Framework"

Demonstrate the use of Micro-Expressions and Tiny Throat Movements to Reveal Information that a Spectator is Merely Thinking Of!

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I’m going to teach you the ultimate fusion of psychology and mentalism. You will ask someone to think of something – then decipher exactly what it is by seemingly observing their involuntary movements!

I’m talking about Throat Reading.

I guess you have never heard of it. I’ve only heard the phrase used just once – about 10 years ago. It was given a single mention by anonymous member of an underground, now defunct, yet strangely influential Derren Brown discussion group.

It was proposed that with Throat Reading, you ask someone to imagine a word – then get clues as to what that word is by paying close attention to the tiny and often subconscious muscle movements in their throat. In a way, it is just like lip-reading – only more difficult, but when done well – it’s infinitely more amazing.

Anyway, the idea of “Throat Reading” was mentioned just once and quickly forgotten by the rest of the group. Most of the members eventually parted company, with many drifting into the world of mainstream magic. I on the other hand jumped head-first down the psychology rabbit hole – as far as I was concerned, this is where the “real” magic could be found.

p-books-250tallIn the years that followed I did a lot of reading and although I enjoyed my rabbit hole… I came to more than a few dead ends!

I read university psychology texts; the latest in neuro-linguistic programming; books about body language, micro-expressions, sub-conscious muscle movements; and I tracked down the best material about the mysterious (but very real) ideomotor response. I even borrowed some anatomy text-books to learn exactly what is moving inside our mouths and throats when we speak.

It is almost embarrassing think of the amount of time (and money) I spent reading what was in the main – quite dull stuff – but luckily I did find what I needed (although it wasn’t quite what I expected) – and I wove it together to produce my “Throat Reading” framework.

So what is this “Throat Reading” framework and what does it let you do?

First off, it’s not all in the throat. I really liked the name “Throat Reading” I think its catchy – but it might be better described as:


That doesn’t really roll of the tongue in the same way though does it?

The theory is obvious – and to an extent we all know a bit of “Throat Reading” already. As human beings we are at least part governed by our subconscious mind – and just like we subconsciously smile when thinking about a happy thought – more subtle reactions can be observed if someone uses their imagination to REALLY visualise something.

Obviously we are all individuals and people do indeed react differently – but luckily there is a good measure of universality to this. After all – we all share 99%+ of the same DNA and in this globalised world we increasingly share similar life experiences since we learn the same stuff at school, watch the same movies and listen to the same music. We aren’t quite as individual as we think.

tr-anatomyThese universal traits are incredibly useful – but we’ve also got anatomy on our side. There is simply no way to say the letter “P” without pressing your lips together to block the air flow – and everyone uses the exact same muscles to do so.

This makes the sub-conscious twitches associated with the ‘plosive’ sounds like P and B quite easy to spot. The tricky part is knowing exactly how to trigger the twitch; exactly where to look; and then how to take it to the next level with the more difficult syllables.

The idea is – If you get someone to really visualise something, clues will pour out of them like water from a leaky bucket!

Throat Reading allows you to demonstrate just this to your audience. I’ve combined all the necessary insights from the worlds of psychology and mentalism into a killer framework that lets you present this feat consistently.

The actual effect is really simple – this is how it looks:

  1. Get your spectator to think of something - It could be a name; or their star sign; or favourite drink – pretty much anything really.
  2. Ask them to visualise the word REALLY vividly - They are asked to shout the letters in the word over and over again in their head.
  3. Closely observe - Watch the spectator’s face, throat and eye movements to pick up on the sounds and eventually the word being thought of.

The amazing thing is – you can describe exactly how you are picking up on their thoughts as you go along. Obviously it depends on what is being thought of, but you could point out that the person’s lips have a little tension indicating a ‘plosive’ sound like a “P” or “B” at the start of the word – and that in the middle there is a long “ah” or “uh” sound because you can see the muscles in their throat dropping as if making that noise. You see what I mean?

As you might expect – this generates quite some reactions. I’m talking gasps, screams and shock. People are used to seeing ‘tricks’ – but it’s rare that someone really gets inside your head and names your exact thoughts as you are thinking them.

You are manipulating your spectator – simultaneously guiding them and deceiving them – but above all – you are demonstrating a skill! You seem to exhibit a combination of anatomical knowledge and a deep understanding of psychology and people’s thought processes – and that is something that impresses and entertains in a way that is totally different to almost all other mind reading effects.

Sounds good right? But wait – there is some bad news…

Throat Reading took a long time to develop – I’ve been performing a variation of it for over 10 years, but it’s only really the last couple that I’ve really turbo-charged it to its now complete state. Before I boast about all its cool and groovy aspects, first let’s deal with its major draw-back…

Throat Reading takes a little practice. This is unavoidable. You aren’t going to need to do the mountain of reading that I did, nor the months and years of trial and error and improvement – but you will need some time, maybe an afternoon, to get the basics down. Obviously once you’ve got the basics down, you can polish things up while you gain experience performing.

But Throat Reading is such fun and so impressive – the practice is worth it!

Just look at some of the factors that make Throat Reading so versatile and explain why it generates such amazing reactions:

  • Nothing is written down – no paper, props or gimmicks needed at all – just you and the person who’s mind you are reading. Although deception is involved – you could perform it naked if you were so inclined. This immediately places it above 99% of other mentalism effects.
  • Works 1-on-1 or in groups – Throat Reading is the best way to impress the person you are performing for. If you want to get one of those reactions of utter amazement after literally plucking a thought from someone’s head you’ve found the right effect.
  • You can perform it on stage or in social settings. There is no sneaky dual reality or other deception to that if discovered might spoil the effect. This is the sort of effect that you can perform for your oldest friends even though you know they are going to talk about how you did it for the rest of the night.
  • Throat Reading works 100% of the time. I include riskier variations that let you do some stupidly wild stuff, but the core of the effect will always give you a good result – as long as you can get your spectator to concentrate for a moment or two!
  • Instantly repeatable – in fact, demonstrating this skill time after time is recommended!
  • Perform straight away – hold on a minute Mikey, I thought you said it will take some practice? Well – it will and it won’t. Throat Reading is more a framework than a single effect and there are parts that are very easily picked up and could be performed 5 minutes after reading them. So if you are desperate to get going – you’ll have something straight away.
  • Get physical – really tricky spectators might not be very easy to read. Throat Reading includes techniques that allow you to “feel” sounds being thought of by placing your hands on the spectator’s neck, shoulder or (with the right guidance), by  just holding their hand. Obviously this is handy if you are trying to impress the opposite sex… be sure to use your powers for good!
  • Comprehensively explained – I’ve made everything super-simple to learn. I’ve tried to imagine how someone with zero experience would learn Throat Reading and I’ve be sure to explain absolutely everything needed in clear and concise terms anyone can understand.

The book comes complete with a professional grade example script and a full, detailed methodology covering all of the relevant techniques and psychological background. You will get the full low-down on what is essentially the most sought-after effect of the modern mentalism age. Asking someone to think of something and then describing exactly how they are leaking the information for all to see is as powerful as “real” mind reading gets.

Are you ready to download your copy?

What is this effect worth to you?

Since hearing about the notion of “Throat Reading” in that Derren Brown discussion group all those years ago – the attainment of the ultimate Throat Reading type effect has been a constant driving force. What I’ve produced I consider the pinnacle of my mentalism work and it’s the product of:

What Went In To Throat Reader

Throat Reading BooksTo put it mildly, a lot of money, time, blood, sweat and tears went into this and the result is the most mind blowing piece of close-up propless mentalism that exists. If you are performing for someone one-on-one there is simply nothing that beats it.

I’ve obviously learned a lot along the way from all this study – but I can genuinely say that Throat Reading is the tried and tested – ‘go to’ effect for those occasions when you want to really fry someone!

The full Throat Reading framework is priced at $97. I hope you’ll agree that considering what Throat Reading can do and all the work that went into it – $97 is great value.

However, since it has only just launched, you can take advantage of my temporary launch special pricing and get a copy for less than half price – just $37.

Plus if you take action today, I’m including some extra special bonuses for “super early” purchasers at no extra cost. Check them out below, but be quick – they won’t last forever!

BONUS: Rapid Fire Amazement with Micro Expression Cards
Micro Expression CardsYou explain how micro-expressions can indicate what a person is thinking of and suggest a simple demonstration.

You ask someone to think of a playing card and picture it in their mind. First they visualise the colour, then the suit, then the cards value. In each case, their micro-expressions give away their thoughts and you correctly reveal their chosen card.

Simple and quick to perform and easy to learn –  but gets draw dropping reactions.

Works 100% of the time but different method to Throat Reader

Sells for $27 – but FREE with Throat Reading.

“Micro Expression Cards” looks a lot like the method for “Throat Reading” but it’s actually totally different. It is however the perfect compliment to a Throat Reading performance and if you also do regular magic, it acts as a great bridge from card-based stuff into psychological work. You can perform Micro Expression Cards, then tell your spectator to put the deck away – its time to do some stuff with just our minds!

BONUS: Get insider info at the Underground Mentalism Forum
tr-forumiconFinally a place where the inner secrets of mentalism can be freely discussed. Myself and several of my closest contacts are running this together and we’re going to be sharing some of our closest guarded techniques.

Tell us what you most want to learn and join in the discussion as we brainstorm the most devious methods imaginable to floor your audiences.

New stuff is being added every day – its going to be like a wikipedia for mentalism – only you can also get your questions answered.

Normally $37/month  - but get 14 days FREE with Throat Reading.

The Underground Mentalism Forum has only just got going. Its launching to the public on the same day as Throat Reader. We’re going to be posting some amazing stuff each and every day, but just to make it incredible value for you – I’ve placed links to some of my other premium releases inside the forum. If you don’t already own my “Think of a Number” trick – you will soon – since its one of the ones included. Imagine being able to…

Pick the one person you most want to impress – then floor them!
dm-thinkofanumberYou write a number – anything from 1-99 on a slip of paper, then put it inside an envelope so it can’t be touched. Keeping the envelope in full view and looking the person in the eye you say a few words about numbers. Suddenly you stop mid-sentence and say: “Quick! What number is inside the envelope? Tell me the first one you are thinking of.” They say “81″. You hand them the envelope, and they remove the slip of paper and see “81″ written.

Perfect for demonstrating a strong connection with a special someone! Sells for $19 – FREE inside the Underground Mentalism Forum.

The number of “Super-Early” bonus packages are strictly limited in number – be quick, when they’re gone they’re gone!
tr-orderformAdd Basic Package to Carttr-cartbuttonspacerAdd Throat Reader Bonus Package to Cart

Throat Reading involves misdirection, psychology, trickery and deception. It is only designed for use, and should only be used for the purpose of entertainment. If you intend to use this as part of a “genuine” psychic show or other untoward purpose, please do not buy.

Now is the time to take your mind-reading to the next level!

mikey-face-165px-tallStill got questions?

Is there something I’ve not covered? Do you want to know what sort of hair gel I use? Whatever it is, feel free to send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve ever been in that situation where you’ve performed an effect and you spectator has smiled and been a bit impressed – but immediately thought it was a “trick” – Throat Reading is the answer. It is going to revolutionise the way your perform mentalism – but more importantly, its going to turn the sort of reactions you get from “polite smiles” to genuine astonishment.

Happy Mind Reading,

- Mikey Jay